Get Fit for FREE: My List of the BEST Youtube Fitness Phenoms

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I did not step one toe into a gym when I was working on my Post-Babies Bombshell Body. I didn’t have time. I didn’t want to spend the money on the membership or the gas to get there. I was and still am so very grateful for all of the free, high quality, fitness videos available on Youtube. I really had no excuse with all of these resources. I am not being paid for these mentions–these Youtubers have been my personal trainers, and it’s the least that I can do to give them shout outs here on FMBL.

(Scroll down if you just want the list without the descriptions/mini-reviews)


Cassey Ho from Blogilates is enthusiastic, fun, and passionate about fitness. I always look forward to her workouts, even if I’m only doing a portion of it or having to rest on some of the reps. I’ve been with Cassey the longest, and Cassey don’t play! I am considering becoming a Pop Pilates certified instructor.

Love Sweat Fitness

Katie from LSF is hip and just a normal type of lady. She often picks fun songs and has her own weight loss story that she shares on her channel.

Summer Girl Fitness

Mariel is a pretty blonde with a variety of toning workouts. I think she has a really realistic body and some of her workouts have very relaxing music to make you forget how much it hurts!


SO MANY workouts from different instructors on this channel. Just subscribe! I can’t say enough.

SHiNE Dance Fitness

I first discovered the SHiNe girls on Youtube, but now I actually subscribe to their online classes. I took formal dance classes growing up, was in high school drill team, and even took a few dance classes in college. So, SHiNe’s choreographed routines are just fun. It’s very easy to forget that it’s actually a workout. And the music is like WHOA, all the latest! This is another certification I have been seriously considering.

ReFit Rev

This is another type of dance fitness with super easy choreo. They are Christian-based and many of the routines are choreographed to contemporary Christian tunes. It’s a lot of fun.

Tracy Campoli

Tracy is an enthusiastic New Yorker. I like her. I feel like she and I would be friends in real life. Her arms workouts are my favorite favorite FAVORITIST arms workouts on the internets!!! I see great results when I am consistent.

Popsugar Fitness

This channel has a variety of awesome workouts with awesome instructors. Most of the workouts take place in the Popsugar Fitness studio. The main instructor of Popsugar Fitness is Anna. She instructs a few, but more often than not, she is like a hostess to guest instructors. I really appreciate all of the content this channel puts out.

Jessica Smith TV

Jessica has been around forever and this girl doesn’t age! Her workout offerings are many and they are good, solid workouts. She’s warm and to the point, another one that I think would be my friend in real life.

Tracey Mallet

Tracey Mallet, whew, she doesn’t mess around! I actually had a couple of her DVD’s before I found her on Youtube. She’s a good motivator and one of her niche’s is helping moms to get back into pre-baby shape.

Bikini Model Fitness

Okay, so these ladies workout in their skimpiest bikinis, and I kind of think their workouts are meant to attract men that want to see half-naked women working out in bikinis, BUT the workouts  actually are good workouts. And even as a heterosexual woman, it doesn’t hurt when your fitness instructor’s figure serves as motivation for you.

Dance Fitness with Jessica

Yeah baby! Jessica plays all of the recent tunes and she likes to partay! Her dance workouts are fun and addictive.

The Fitness Marshall

Yaaassss, so much yaasss to The Fitness Marshall. Caleb’s personality is enough to keep me coming back to his channel. He’s a hoot and so full of personality. He dances like his life depends on it! The videography is pretty cool too.

Club Fitz

This is another dance fitness channel. It’s led by two ladies, and they happen to have great showmanship and enthusiasm when they’re instructing a routine. They use well-known music.

Joanna Soh

Honey, don’t let this little petite chic and her accent fool you. Joanna will kick your butt and smile while she’s doing it. Don’t be afraid to give her a try though. She has a beginner series.

K’s Perfect Fitness

Yay for K! Kristin is a gorgeous little brunette. Most of her routines are really short, but you’re supposed to repeat them. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.


Sometimes, I’m not in the mood to interact with a human fitness instructor so I turn to Lumowell. It may seem boring to workout with a computer-generated lady and voice, but I found them to be good workouts and I don’t mind the computer lady and voice. I know it sounds weird that I sometimes don’t want to interact with a human fitness instructor since they’re not live and don’t actually know I’m there, but when you workout online, there will be times when you just need to change it up.


So so so so very fun, this channel. They have all kinds of dance routines to the hippest and hottest music. They have a crew of maybe 12-15 instructors/participants in their videos and they change it up a lot. Different people lead different routines and they all always look so happy to be dancing their little hearts out.

Lucy Wyndham-Read

I just discovered Lucy. She’s got some good short workouts. I’m still getting to know her.

Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie offers some fabulous and challenging toning routines.

Passion Fit

Rena hasn’t put out anything recently. I wish she would. I really like her and her workouts. She’s a friendly chic with a warm and inviting personality.

Tone It Up

If you haven’t heard of these ladies, Karina and Katrina, I’d be surprised. They put out professional quality videos and have a line of products that they sell through their site. They put out so many videos on a regular basis, it’s hard to keep up and hard to get bored!

Vicky Justiz

Vicky is one of the Bikini Model Fitness girls, but she started her own channel. She works out in her house/apartment, and there are no frills, but the workouts are good and will get you results.

Yvette Salva

Whew, her toning workouts are a challenge and she’ so honest, she’ll let you know when it’s hurting her too! She’s very down-to-earth.

BIG List of Youtube Fitness Phenoms


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