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Hi Fit Mom! Oh yes you are–it starts with putting it out there, whatever you’re wanting to achieve, go ahead and put it out there. Welcome to Fit Moms be Likeā€¦ I’m Jaye, and I am one of those women that has struggled with weight A LOT. I’ve never been huge, but I have found myself overweight and not loving my body because of it plenty of times. I’ve been on the rollercoaster. I was in middle school the first time that I thought I was too big. I wasn’t, but we were weighed in PE class and the number on the scale really surprised and upset me. So my first attempts at dieting began. What a journey to begin so young. I learned how to count calories at a pretty young age. It’s a skill I’m glad to have now. I can estimate the caloric content of most foods to within plus/minus 75 calories now. No seriously, I’m really proud of this. Because of my “interest” in dieting and weight loss, I went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree from a top university in Texas in Nutrition. So, it wasn’t a degree in “dieting” like I thought. It was a very scientific degree, which was kind of cool, because I love science, especially chemistry. There was a lot of chemistry in my degree. Go chemistry! I have a periodic table app on my phone, don’t judge. I thought I really wanted to be a hospital dietitian, but after my clinical dietetics course, I knew I didn’t want to be a dietitian. They offer this course during the last year of study, probably because they know that most of us are going to realize that we don’t want to be dietitians if we take it too early! I went into education after college. It’s my calling. I love kids and teachers. I’m an elementary campus administrator. But my excitement surrounding nutrition and fitness still lingers. People ask me for health and fitness advice quite frequently. So here I am to share what I know.

So now, after having two precious little boys, I have found what works for me for achieving the body I want and holding on to it. I hope you will hang out with me as I share my journey and all that I have learned, because I am so excited to know that I don’t have to be out of shape because I’m a mom or because I’m beyond 30! I have complete control of this aspect of my life. Remember, anything I share on this FMBL is based on my experience and what I have learned. I am not a medical doctor. Everything may not work for everyone. Use your own wisdom and judgment when deciding on a course of action for yourself. No matter where you are on your journey, starting, continuing, getting back to it, I wish you all the best!


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